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Toddler sleep training Harrow

Harrow Toddler sleep training

Toddler sleep training Harrow
There are times parents may feel that a good night’s sleep is a distant memory regardless of the age of the child.

Research into infant sleep patterns has shown that sleep is an essential part of your baby’s development and it is when their neurological development takes place. I can help you understand your new born baby’s sleep pattern and advise you on the best way to establish a routine.
Harrow Toddler sleep training
I can provide advice on how hunger, teething and environment can all hinder the establishment of a healthy routine.

For older children, sleeping difficulties can result in hyperactivity, challenging behaviour, irritability and can impact on cognitive development. I can support you to identify if your child has developed poor sleep habits or sleep associated behaviour and help you to implement strategies to help develop and sustain a good sleep pattern.

I have completed both the Milpond and Southampton sleep courses, and I am trained to assess your child’s current sleep routine and write a tailored programme that will set your child on the path to an effective sleep routine.

Contact me if you would like to discuss how I can help you manage your child’s sleep routine.

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