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Postnatal depression Harrow

Harrow Postnatal depression

Postnatal depression Harrow
Many mums and their partners may experience “baby blues”. This may include feeling tearful for no apparent reason, touchy or anxious. For mums these symptoms are usually caused by sudden hormonal and chemical changes that happen after childbirth. Partners can also feel overwhelmed or excluded as the mother bonds with the baby.
Harrow Postnatal depression
Some mums may have difficulty talking about their mood with their partner, family or friends due to fear or embarrassment about feeling the way they do. The Department of Health estimates that 1 in 5 women are affected by postnatal depression and many suffer in silence without receiving the support they need.

Having a baby is a daunting experience and no matter how many books you have read the reality of the first three months can be a difficult and challenging time. While the ”baby blues” are normal feelings to be expected and should pass within a few days, if left undiagnosed these periods of low mood can turn into something more complex and this can start to impact on your bond with your baby and their development, your daily life and on your relationships. I am trained in using an assessment tool to identify low mood, and I can provide confidential, professional support to help explore your feelings, provide advice and help you access any additional support needed.

Contact me if you would like to discuss you or your partner’s emotional health.

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