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Stevenage Health visitor

Health visitor Stevenage There are occasions where you would like a health visitor
to come to your home. I am able to conduct home visits throughout the week (including weekends) and outside
the 9am-5pm as I acknowledge the pressures of meeting the needs of your family is 24 hours a day.

   At a newbirth visit I will weigh your newborn baby, check for jaundice, umbilical hernia and tongue-tie. I will conduct an assessment to identify any feeding difficulties and offer
Stevenage Health visitor
support in initiating and maintaining breast-feeding. If you are formula-feeding I can advise on preparation, volume and frequency and offer guidance on formula choice for your baby. I can advise on immunisations, or conduct developmental reviews using recognised assessment tools to assess your child’s growth and development.

If you have any other concerns questions I am able to conduct a bespoke home visits to support you and your family.

Contact me if you would like to discuss or arrange a home visit.

Mobile: 07732 398 471 Email:

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